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I haven’t had much access to the internet for the past 3 weeks, so I haven’t been able to blog about my abroad adventures until now. I actually really enjoyed not having access to the internet, it felt like a good cleansing of my mind since I do spend so much time on the computer. I really got the chance to reflect on my own thoughts without any distractions. But now that I do have the internet, I want to shift in just reflecting on my thoughts to actually writing/video blogging them down so that I can go back to them during the school year.

So in Hong Kong and China I was taking a class at New York University called Global Social Entrepreneurship. Originally the class was supposed to take place in Thailand at the Mae Fah Luang Foundation (where I currently am interning), but due to the violence and turmoil happening the class was cancelled and Richard (one of our classmates) decided to come up with a replacement program in Hong Kong and his hometown in China. We all had a great time on our crazy adventures and even though I am not sure how much I’ve learned about social entrepreneurship, I definitely learned a lot about myself (all of which I will share in later posts).

Since we were in Hong Kong, we ate a TON of dim sum. I actually need to confess and let you know that I actually put my vegetarianism on hiatus for the two weeks we were in Hong Kong and China. I wanted to get the full experience of eating authentic Chinese/Cantonese food. Also, I did not have any control over the food that we ordered. Most of the time we had Richard order the food for the table and we ate whatever was ont he table. One thing I made sure of is that the meat was locally produced before I ate it.

Here are some samples (and pictures of food of course) from the trip to give you a taste of Hong Kong/China:

hong kong market

world peace cafe

hong kong dim sum

hkust dim sum

alicia in hong kong

macau food

chinese food

lazy susan


chinese rice field


Alicia Kim
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Your adventure looks like it is off to a delicious start! I like that you are willing to be flexible with your vegetarianism since you will now get to have the full experience!

Comment by Samantha

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