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Julie & Julia Film Review
August 15, 2009, 1:44 AM
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Paul Child: What is it your really like to do?
Julia Child: EAT!

Hi everyone,

Last week I saw the film, Julie & Julia with Jamie and her family. I’ve been waiting for this film to come out since May so I was super excited to finally and go see it. The theater was filled with older couples so I’m guessing they probably grew up watching Julia Child when she starred in The French Chef. If you haven’t read the book Julie and Julia, I highly recommend reading it before watching the film (although the film does an excellent interpretation).

The film is really sweet and of course I would love it. It’s about a girl blogging about food! Hum… I can definitely relate. I feel like I’m channeling Julie Powell right now and I, too, wonder if anyone reads my blog.

But enough about me, I think there is definitely something very powerful about food. Being able to eat good tasting and satisfying food is a basic human right ever since we ditched that whole hunter/gatherer nomad scene. You don’t need to eat luxurious food in order to be considered a “foodie” and both Julie & Julia make that point very clear.

Julia Child is such an amazing role model. She was at a towering height of 6’2″ and did things that fit her instead of changing herself to fit in. She married the love of her life and was able to ease the American cooks into the wonderful world of French Cuisine. She never let herself become satisfied with doing what everyone else was doing and she was fearless! Truly pioneered the way to TV cooking.

My favorite character of the film, other than Julie & Julia of course, was Eric Powell (played by Chris Messina), Julie’s husband. He was very supportive of Julie’s project and even though it was a crazy idea to cook all 524 recipes in 365 days, he wanted to allow his wife to do something for herself. Plus, he got to eat some pretty amazing (and some not so amazing) meals along the way. I definitely need to find someone like Eric for myself. He wasn’t afraid to fight with her when she was acting like a narcissistic freak, but he also listened when she cried about how impossible her project seemed to be.

Anyways, I’m not going to spoil too much of the film because I think you all should go out and see it. The film was very inspirational and the book is even better!

Here are some of my favorite scenes from Julie & Julia:

Julia beating the Boys.

Julia (Meryl Streep) beating the Boys.

Julie and Eric Powell

Julie (Amy Adams) and Eric (Chris Messina) Powell

"You are the bread to my butter."

"You are the bread to my butter and the breath to my life."


I would love to cook for my friends with the NYC skyline as my backdrop. Even though I usually never celebrate Halloween, I might be Julia Child this year. Just for kicks. :) Her style is very country chic. BTW, I’m finally will be moving into my RA room next week! I’m stoked to decorate my room and to set up my kitchen with odds and ends.

Well readers, this is all I have for you at this time. I promise I will do a recipe for sure as my next post. For now I bid you good eats!


Or as Julia Child would say, “Bon apetit!”

Alicia Kim
Food For Thought Resident Assistant


Garlic Festival in Gilroy, CA
August 7, 2009, 3:14 AM
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Hi readers! :)

I’ve been spending the summer in NYC for the first time this year but from July 21st until the 28th I went home to California for my mom’s 50th birthday.

While I was home I was able to attend the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, CA with a couple of my friends. If you never heard about the Garlic Festival. No worries, I didn’t either until I watched a program on the Food Network and I’m even from the area. Basically it is festival celebrating garlic since Gilroy, CA is considered the “Garlic Capital of the world” (You can smell garlic during the summer time in my backyard even though I live 20-30 minutes away).

This year was the Garlic Festival’s 31st anniversary for July 24th-26th. You can everything with garlic such as garlic bread, garlic fries, garlic sausage, garlic shrimp… the list goes on and on. But one thing you probably will never find anywhere else is garlic ice cream! No, I didn’t try any… sorry guys, I’m not that adventurous. I think think creamy ice cream should be something eaten after you eat a garlic-y meal and not at the same time. There are also street vendors that sell artisan crafts which we enjoyed looking at. Rosa and I purchased ear clips (everyone keeps asking me if I is a new piercing but no, but I wish it was!). This year they even had Fabio from Bravo’s Top Chef come as a special guest.

The traffic to the Garlic Festival was kind of ridiculous- usually a ride that takes about 30 minutes maximum from my house took over an hour. I didn’t know that the Garlic Festival was so popular! Mara drove and Rosa rode shotgun (They’re my friends from doing Cross Country during my high school years)  and I enjoyed the view. I’ve really missed the California landscape since coming to the East Coast.

Here are some pictures I took during the Garlic Festival:

On the road to the Garlic Festival (too much traffic)

On the road to the Garlic Festival (too much traffic)

Garlic Festival Tickets ($12/person)

Garlic Festival Tickets ($12/person)

My yummy (but expensive) garlic fries.

My yummy (but expensive) garlic fries.

Garli Festival 2009

Garli Festival 2009

Cooking with garlic!

Cooking with garlic!

Rosa and Mara sharing Garlic Bread

Rosa and Mara sharing Garlic Bread

Overall, I enjoyed the Garlic Festival even though it was overpriced for what you get (You still need to purchase all the food you want to eat). I don’t think I would go again because I don’t think it changes from year to year. I would suggest you check out the Garlic Festival website and learn about who is going to be there if you’re going to sit in traffic and pay the ticket price.

5 Fun/Health Facts about Garlic:

  1. Garlic is closely related to onions, leeks, and shallots.
  2. Garlic is a good source of vitamin C.
  3. Garlic is also referred to as the stinking rose.
  4. Apparently rubbing your hands on a stainless steel bowl is thought to quash garlic odor?
  5. Garlic prevents heart disease, inflammation, high blood pressure, cancer, and Type II diabetes complications.
    *Facts taken from this article.

Also, another fun note is that there is a fruit called Mangosteen that looks just like a garlic when you open it. Mangosteens are my favorite fruit to eat when I visit my dad in Cambodia (don’t worry, they taste nothing like garlic).

Mangosteen aka Garlic Fruit

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Good Eats adventures! :) I think for the next entry I’m going to be making a recipe and posting pictures on how to make a healthy meal in a student’s kitchen as well as on a student’s budget.

Later days, guys!

Alicia Kim
Food For Thought Resident Assistant